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Pesticide Product Registration Information

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ProductEPA Registration NumberRegistration DateRegistrantRegistrant Number
Ricestar HT Herbicide (24C)AR08-00111/10/2022Bayer CropScience LP264
Dimilin 25W (24c)AR87-00051/4/2022MacDermid Agricultural Solutions, Inc.400
Curfew (24c)AR10-00031/6/2022Corteva Agriscience LLC62719
DuPont Lannate LV Insecticide (24c)AR03-00031/7/2022Corteva Agriscience LLC352
DuPont Lannate SP Insecticide (24c)AR03-00041/7/2022Corteva Agriscience LLC352
Command 3ME (24C)AR08-00011/12/2022FMC Corporation279
Spartan 4F (24C)AR07-00081/12/2022FMC Corporation279
Spartan 4F (24C)AR08-00021/12/2022FMC Corporation279
Brigade 2EC Insecticide/Miticide (24c)AR08-00031/12/2022FMC Corporation279
Spartan Charge (24c)AR10-00011/12/2022FMC Corporation279
Dual Magnum 24cAR11-00041/3/2022Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC100
Gramoxone SL 2.0 (24c)AR12-00041/3/2022Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC100
Gramoxone SL 2.0 (24c)AR12-00051/3/2022Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC100
Milestone 24cAR17-00021/6/2022Corteva Agriscience LLC62719
Direx 4L 24cAR12-00141/6/2022Makhteshim-Agan of NA Inc. dba ADAMA66222
Spartan Charge Herbicide (24c)AR13-00031/12/2022FMC Corporation279
Avipel hopper box (dry) corn seed treatment (24c)AR13-00041/24/2022Arkion Life Science, LLC69969
Capreno Herbicide 24cAR13-00061/10/2022Bayer CropScience LP264
Direx 4L 24(c )AR13-00081/6/2022Makhteshim-Agan of NA Inc. dba ADAMA66222
Karmex DF 24(c )AR13-00091/6/2022Makhteshim-Agan of NA Inc. dba ADAMA66222